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Running your own business can be isolating. And it can also be financially stressful. And yet everybody knows that a marketing budget is an absolute essential.

So how can you make sure that budget is efficient? Who can you ask?

You might not be ready to invest into private coaching and consulting because it is financially just too risky and scary right now. But at the same time you have questions on a regular basis and you are curious about digital marketing but it seems so complicated and daunting and you're afraid it will just take up too much energy, so why even get started? 

If so, you're not alone. Many small shopkeepers, store owners, and market vendors find it downright scary to invest in coaching and consulting and also to enter the world of digital marketing, and understandably so. 

Running a small business is already a juggling act, and adding the complexities of online advertising, social media management, and website optimization can seem overwhelming.

But at the same time, you know that there are so many possibilities to capture every single visitor and to connect way beyond just one planned or serendipitous visit

Now, let's be frank. It is rough right now.
Inflation is raging, people are careful with their spending and online conglomerates are not making your life easier.

I understand.

And that is why I have created this small business marketing budget-friendly subscription service for you.

It is a simple monthly group Q&A session online.

It is designed to:

  • help you feel taken care of and less isolated by getting your questions answered by myself or other peers
  • offer you a small and affordable commitment that will fit nicely into your marketing budget and won't stress you out or create buyer's remorse
  • offer you resources so you can save time and energy and work more on what you love doing
  • squash uncertainty, which is so energy-draining, and replace it with clarity and relief
So how does it work?

It's very straightforward.

1) You sign up.

2) As long as your subscription is valid (monthly or yearly, as you choose) you get access to 1 monthly call and you can cancel anytime.

The calls are happening  ONLINE 

  • the first Tuesday of the month at 6am CET
  • the second Tuesday of the month at 12pm CET or 
  • the third Tuesday of the month at 6pm CET

This way you can easily pick what suits your time zone best.

3) You get to ask your question and listen to my answer live. 

Examples could be questions about:

- favourite tech platforms or tools

- strategy steps

- marketing advice online or offline

- moral & ethical questions

- financial questions (budget, not legal)

- content idea generation

- AI support ideas

- feedback on copy or branding

- and so forth . . .

Imagine it like a meeting with your mentor.
You are explicitly allowed to multitask.
You can have a walk while tuning in, cook, clean, have a meal, . . .

This is meant to be a small marketing investment with minimal risk and minimal time commitment but with a significant impact on your business and your mental well-being.

We start in January 2024.
You get one monthly downloadable resource for free!

For example:
Content idea calendar

Business plan generator

Mindset workbooks

Social Media Templates

and more!

Also: if you refer a friend for a yearly subscription, you get one month for free!
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