Money Mindset
Journaling Journey
Crunching through your numbers and thinking through your expenses (aka the data), that’s only half the battle. The biggest obstacle keeping coaches stuck in discount mode is their money mindset.
I know, I know. It seems like mindset is the scapegoat for all of our business problems.

Yet there really is scientific truth behind addressing the more woo parts of our lives as entrepreneurs.
Donnah Stewart
Diabetes Prevention Coach

"Christine meets you where you are, helps you identify your blind-spots and helps you get to where you want to go."

If you can’t get rid of those mindset saboteurs around pricing, you might find yourself in an endless cycle of...

  • Undercharging (and ultimately resenting your clients)
  • Feeling icky every time you try to sell your packages
  • Wondering why your offers (which look so good on paper and really do help your clients) feel so misaligned

Most women who find themselves in that situation already know that there’s something keeping them from raising their prices.

Maybe it’s something that sounds logical like, “Well at my old job I earned $40 per hour, so I’ll stick with that!”

Or maybe it’s an uncomfortable thought like, “Who am I to charge what [insert coach you’ve been crushing on / website stalking here] charges?!”

‍Maybe you haven’t a CLUE why you’re undercharging… you just know that you’re not at all happy with your prices!

If you’d like to dig in and clear out some of this brain gunk around pricing together, I’d love to invite you to my 7-day Pricing Journaling Journey.
What others experienced:
"I'm loving it. Love the casual talking and looking at your journals. Love the stickers! I use them in my planner but I had not considered using them in my journals (I also keep several different ones). I realize I was over-attached to how I used stickers, and could be much more playful and creative. Thank you! So few people seem to really enjoy using actual paper journals and notebooks, I do and I am thrilled that you do. I’m now more brazenly collecting stickers. ;-) I love the suggestions and information before you provide the prompt. I feel like I'm chatting with a friend over a cup of tea or glass of wine, and just talking. It makes the money part less scary and loaded. Simple quick prompts. Lots of response internally."
Colleen, Health Coach

This is your time.

Step into your true inner CEO

Shine as the amazing CEO you are feeling totally and honestly aligned with your pricing. You are here to follow your purpose AND make a beautiful living.

Become best friends with money

Our relationship with money can be tricky based on our past experiences and indoctrination. And yet we also know that money itself is neither negative nor positive. It is what you make of it. Become a bff with your money.

Get to know a super fun journaling practice

Once you’ve enrolled, you don’t need much more than a pen (or keyboard), journal (or Notion/Google Doc/Evernote), and an open mind.(Of course, if you’re already a journaling pro, you’re welcome to break out the good pens for this one. I promise you’ve never seen these prompts before!).

Retrain your brain and heart to be in sync within 7 days

If you’ve been leaving money on the table because selling feels gross or you’re too nervous to raise your rates, journaling will help you silence the Mean Girl voices in your head telling you you’re not enough.

Kathryne Meehan
Life Coach

"Christine is a true gem and filled with amazing amounts of generosity and practical assistance."

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It helped me to go from wander fearfully around the issue without getting to the heart of it to realizing that my attitude towards money can be more relaxed if I free myself from this shadow of embarrassment (which doesn't even belong to me!). I would recommend this course to anyone who has a conflictual relationship with money
Nina, Professional Painter